Hey readers!

Here’s a few facts about me:

Name: Molly Payette

Birthday: January 21st, 1994

School: Graduated in 2012 from Duluth East high school, currently in the tail end of my fourth year at Bemidji State University and working on a Creative and Professional Writing major.

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Life in General: Born in Burnsville, MN, raised in Duluth, and the oldest of four children. I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, Adam,  for almost three and a half years.

What Lies Ahead: My plans are to work in Duluth for at least a year so I can save up some money and move down to the cities, hopefully even move in with Adam. I would love to be a novelist, but realistically, if I were to work in a book store for a number of years, I really can’t have any complaints. As long as I don’t end up working at a McDonald’s or a Bath & Body Works, I’ll be happy.

Baby steps. That’s how everything starts out.