Project Writeup!!

It’s the end of the semester, which means time to look back and wrap some things up, especially with the final project. In this writeup, I’ll go over what my original plan was, how it actually went, what I wish I could have done better, what I would change if I were to do this project over again, and  what the project means to me and my writing style. 

My project (after I finally made up my mind on what I wanted to do), was to ask for post story and paper ideas on social media and to get some feedback. After I got some feedback, I planned to make another post on how my writing process was affected by the comments I received. I would also give examples of past experiences with using social media for things like this. I would do this by using screenshots of past experiences and of pictures or prompts that inspired some of my ideas.

My first post was just an introduction into what I was trying to do, and why I was trying to use social media to share my writing ideas, followed by an example of a previous example of when I used Facebook to ask for help with a paper. My next few posts were me talking about ideas, one for a story, the other two for help on what I should do for a paper topic (for two different classes, obviously). My last four posts were more about me describing my writing process [(1) (2) (3) (4)]. I didn’t get as much feedback on those, but I still consider them an important part of of my project blog.For the amount of work I did, I think it went pretty well overall. Switching in the middle of things probably didn’t help (see next paragraph), but I’m still pretty happy with how it all turned out. I got a few comments on how people thought that it was a great idea, especially for a blog. As for comments on my blog, they were mostly from my dad and family/family friends, but they still influenced how I’m going to progress with my ongoing idea and how I could carry on with the essays I asked for help on. I didn’t get nearly as many commentators on my posts, but that’s really my own fault for switching so late and I have to admit that I didn’t broadcast to enough formats. All I really updated was Facebook, and that can be a very limited channel to broadcast. Nonetheless, I did get quite a few ideas and examples out, and I got comments on most of them.

As far as quantity of posts, I think I could have done better. I originally was going to find and experiment with different types of studying methods, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work for a couple of reasons: mainly that my project relied on asking others to help me out, and as we were coming up on midterms, I know I would have felt pretty guilty about asking people to use their studying time to help me out. The other reason is that I couldn’t really find a lot of academic sort of research to help me find study methods – most of it came from blogs, and I didn’t really want to rely to heavily on those. So I switched topics and scraped together about two to three weeks worth of posts. Again, not nearly as much as I could have/should have done, but hey, hindsight is 20/20 and all that fun jazz. I also kind of wish that I’d taken a few more screenshots of comments, especially those on my blog – I would have used them to talk about how I was using those comments to develop my ideas and papers.

If I had the chance to do this project again, the first thing I would do is stick with my gut on what I wanted to do for it. I would have been able to post good number more than I did. The next thing I would change is something I already mentioned; that I would take some more screenshots of the posts I made on my project blog and used those as an example of how I would adapt my work and future ideas based on the comments given. And I can’t stress enough how much more promoting I would do – how much more I’d do to let more people know that I had a new post up that I wanted input on. I think I did pretty well given my own time constraints, but I would get the updates out on more platforms, such as my main blog and twitter, rather than just Facebook. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the layout of my project blog. My header image got quite a few compliments, especially after I told them it was a photo I set up and took on my own. I originally had the background color be blue, but I changed shades, then color to red, then back to blue, then to my current color of green, which I think actually looks the best. I’m also really happy that I went with a blog for this project, as it let me talk more in my voice, more colloquial than if I would have been using a wiki. Instead of making it a completely new blog though, I think I might keep my class blog and project blog all together in one blog, as a way to keep everything together in one source and I would only have to constantly update one blog (I’m lazy, don’t judge). I think it would also get a couple more views, especially if I forgot to post on my main blog that my project blog had an update. The last sentence is another example of why I’d keep it in one blog; it gets confusing real quick when I talk about two at the same time.

As for what this project means to me beyond a personal level, I’ve realized that I do tend to rely on other peoples opinions when it comes to my confidence in my writing. Even if I’m completely satisfied with the idea and where it’s going, I still ask for what people think – either to enforce my own opinion that I’m doing well, or to kick start a new idea or a new part of an idea. This project has also given me the opportunity to think about how I tend to word things, both when I’m writing it down and actually verbally explaining it to somebody, and I’ve realized that using a blog (or just writing in general) is usually the best way to express my ideas and what I want to do for an idea. Most of this is due to the fact that I think I’ve developed something of a stutter over recent years, and I tend to talk before I get everything straight in my head. When I write it down, especially on a public format like a blog, I can get EVERYTHING down (or almost everything), and I can “talk” to multiple people at once. So based on that, I think I’m going to stick with a blog, more than likely  my main one and just transfer all of my ideas from my project blog over to that. Overall, I’m really glad I (eventually) decided on my writing process and how social media can and does affect it, as I actually learned a lot about my writing and how I can get my ideas onto a different format.

(I might try to focus on my current survival idea if/when I do continue with my blog, since I think I actually want to get more input on how I can develop it more.)



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