Update: 4/10 – 4/17

HOly crap, finals are frying my brain. But that’s not the point here.

This past week, my first post was an example of one of the first times I used social media to get feedback on something; in this case, it was an Argument and Exposition class way back when (yes, that is the technical term). I made three other posts as well, all asking for thoughts and opinions on ideas that I’m working on. Two of them were for papers that I have coming up, and while that many people didn’t comment on it (yet), the feedback I did get is pointing me in the right direction. (I’ll add the respective screenshots to this later)

I have had a couple of people come up to me and ask how my project is going and how they think that it’s so cool that I’m using this idea for a blog. Now if only they would actually comment online….

It’s going to be a little rougher to try and get posts up this week, as it’s the last one before finals week. As per my style, I’m falling a little behind, so I think that the best thing I can do is make daily to do lists, and try to ration my time out between my projects and studying. Either way, I’m going to be stressed as hell until everything’s over. And then I’m spending that weekend drunk or sleeping. 


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Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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