Update 1, 3/7

So this will be one of my shorter updates, mostly since I just started, and I had a midterm to prepare for over the weekend. But here’s what I’ve done so far: This past weekend was spent by looking for victi – er, volunteers to help me with this project. I asked my youngest sister if she wanted to help me, especially while I was home over spring break, and she said yes. So there’s one! My brother was down in the cities for the high school hockey tournament, so I didn’t see him all that much and couldn’t ask him. I’ll probably text him this week before Friday so he can actually think about it before I’m home for a few days.

For this upcoming week, whenever I have time, I’ll do some searching for scientific papers or studies on different focusing methods during studying, and add their links to the wiki project page. I’ll do more than just say “hey, I found this, go look at it!!” I actually intend to read through them and post some of my own opinions about said method (s). If I’m lucky, I’ll find two, maybe three depending on time managements.

I’ll keep you posted, readers!


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