Whooo, Boy

I am going to be so f**king busy these next few weeks. To offer a quick view into what the next two or three weeks have to offer, here’s a list:

  • American Literature, 4 page paper, due this Thursday
  • Possibly a midterm on Friday (it might change to Monday, but the uncertainty is driving me nuts)
    • Almost literally, transcribing almost ALL of the notes for this class and going through them
  • The project proposal for this class, due next Monday, and all the resulting work for said project
  • Another midterm next Friday
    • Resulting study groups, next Wednesday and Friday
  • A group project for a class to work on over Spring Break
  • An 8 – 12 page short story for Writing Fiction II
  • Work on and finish a scholarship piece
  • Starting to think about all of the other papers that I have to write for this semester (I tallied it up: in total, I’m ranging from 56 – 80 pages in total)


I’m not going to get much sleep. current mood



About mollyjeans

Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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