Stupid Wifi

Seriously, we pay how much to go to school here, and the wifi is this shitty? It’s always dropping or completely cutting out on me, both on my phone and my computer. There’s always the possibility that it could be my devices, but I’ve heard way too many people complaining about it. They say we can’t use our own routers because it’ll slow the network down or something like that, but I’m sure people would rather deal with that whenever they’re in the academic buildings than dealing with it all the goddamn time in their own dorm rooms.

Yes, I could just use an ethernet cord, but a: my desk is too far a way from the outlet and I don’t feel like rearranging my room again, and b: it shouldn’t be this crappy in the first place.

But this is just me.


About mollyjeans

Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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