Can Blogs and Wikis Be Merged?

I started a little bit on this for my weekly review, but I’ll come back to it.

While there are definite differences between a blog and a wiki, I do think that they can be merged, specifically if they’ve got the same administrators/collaborators. 


According to Mike Caulfield, a blog is a child of BBS (Bulletin Board Service(?)) culture and allows people to control their own part of a conversation on their own device while still being tied to a larger conversation via linking, tags, etc. A wiki, on the other hand, isn’t a child of BBS culture, coming more from “pre-web models of hypertext.” Wiki brought forth the idea of collaborating on posts, old and new. What Caulfield says is that “wiki iterates not through the creation of new posts but the refactoring of old posts.”

Short and simple, I think blogs are more about the person’s voice, wikis are more about the facts and keeping them up to date.

Putting Them Together

As I said in my intro, I think that if a blog and wiki have the same administrators and collaborators, they could go together really well. If it’s the same person running both, the information is more cohesive and accurate. They might be working alone, they might have a partner or two, as long as it’s generally about and/or by the same people(s), it can work.

If the subject matter isn’t the same, or partners are running separate blogs and wikis, I think the only way that it would work is if they communicate and bounce every idea back and forth.

It is possible, it just takes a lot of constant communication between the collaborators.





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