Week in Review 2/1 – 2/7

I’m still playing catch-up from when I slumped, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

More “slow” than “surely” If I’m being completely honest with everybody.

This week was all about identity and self-portraits, how to define yourself online. There are thousands of different types of blogs that people can run, but what makes a blog a “legitimate” blog is something that’s always being argued all the time.

One type of blog that’s always being debated is the “journal” or the “diary” blog – where people use their site and blog as a way to talk about their days, about things that have happened to them. It might be because the definition of journals or diaries automatically leads people to thoughts of privacy. It might be because some people think of online diaries/journals as juvenile or unprofessional.

Personally, what type of blog people choose to run is none of my business. If they just want a place to talk about their day and the regular paper journals don’t cut it for them, cool. It’s their blog. Viewers can’t always control what people post, especially when it comes to personal blogs. It’s actually something I see a lot on tumblr; people will follow this blogger with expectations, and when those aren’t met, they bitch and moan that they’re not being appreciated. While a high follower count is a confidence booster, there are always other people who will follow after those whiners leave.

Unless a blogger is really strict about only sticking to a certain topic or “blog aesthetic,” they’ll eventually end up talking about themselves at least once. It might just be in the about page, it might be just a way to vent, it could be any number of reasons. You’ll eventually talk about yourself.

For my assignment posts this week, I talked about how I used identity definition to try and nail down what type of blog I’m running – and mine is definitely more of a journal/personal blog. I mentioned in a previous post that it might change in the future, it might not, it’s something I just have to leave to time, interest, and inspiration.


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