Blogging Identity

One of the things I’ve learned when it comes to defining my own “writing identity” is that I am not the best judge. But I can always try and explain it.

Looking over my posts (few as they may be) I think my identity for this blog is a journal of sorts. Kind of a place where I can ramble on without having to see how much I’m annoying people. I don’t talk all that much to people I don’t know, and when I do talk, I tend to go on and on (maybe it’s a defense mechanism – I talk a lot so people won’t talk to me).

I also have a really bad habit to try and get ALL of the facts whenever I tell a story, which leads to me talking longer than I should and people losing interest very quickly. If people get bored on my blog, they can just close out of the post and I don’t have to deal with the gut sinking feeling of being ignored!  \(^.^)/

To wrap everything up, I think my blog qualifies as a journal more than anything else – somewhere to get my ideas out and talk about things in a way where I don’t have to physically talk about them. It might develop into a place where I publish prompts I’ve picked up from the internet or some work from other classes that I’d want to share.

We’ll see.



About mollyjeans

Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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