A Heads-Up Would Have Been Nice

Readers, whether your single or you’re in a relationship, you know what holiday is coming up. As I am in a relationship, it should be assumed that I have plans to spend the weekend with my boyfriend. I know what they say about assumptions, but this should have been an educated guess to those who know me.

Apparently, I did make an ass out of you and me.
I was walking out of class with a buddy of mine (we both live on campus, but in different buildings) and we started talking about the Deadpool movie that’s coming out on Friday. I say that Adam (my bf) and I are going to go see it when I go down to see him. My friend freezes and says “OH.”


“Brit was planning on coming up this weekend.”

Quick background, Brit is a friend of ours who transferred down to the cities, and we haven’t gotten the chance to see her all that often. I’ve offered her my room as a place to stay whenever she does come up.

Now, this is the FIRST time I’ve heard that she was definitely coming up AT ALL this month. I’ve heard she was trying to plan for a weekend, but I had never heard exact dates.

I am going to miss getting the chance to see her, but this is Valentine’s day. I’ve had plans to go down for the weekend for a month and a half, and I’ve talked about how excited I am because I get to see Adam for this at least once a day.

My real problem is that I was not a part of the conversation where they planned what weekend she would come up to Bemidji. I heard nothing from my guy friend (again, who is IN BEMIDJI), not in person, not over text, not over Facebook, not even over Snapchat. And you want to use my room? If I hadn’t told him that I was going to be gone this weekend, would he have told me at all? Honestly.

eye roll

Either way, I’m not changing my plans. I’m going down to Lakeville, and I’m spending Valentine’s with my boyfriend. I’m still trying to figure out how she can stay in my room, but now I’m thinking it might be better for her if she stays with friends who live off campus.

I don’t blame Brit. I know she’s busy as hell with school and work, I know that the promise of a three day weekend is enough to make people forget about the actual dates. But if it’s someone else’s room that you’re planning on staying in, you’d better make sure that at least one person fucking tells the room’s owner what’s going on.

NOTE: this is just where I need to rant for a bit until I see the dude in person, then I’ll let the dumbass have it about keeping me out of the loop about plans for MY ROOM.





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