You’re probably wondering why I have a date from the 90s in my title. Well, that’s because it’s the year I was born.

That’s right: today’s my birthday!!dis my jam

I’m 22 now, and it may not seem like an important birthday (everyone knows that the majorly celebrated birthdays are when you turn 13, 16, 18,21, and the decades), but to me, it means another year that I made through. . . .and another Minnesota winter I survived.

I don’t know if I’m going to get some friends together to go out tonight, or if I’m just going to wait until my boyfriend comes up tomorrow to go celebrate. I’ll figure it out after I’m done with classes.


(btw, the gif isn’t mine. credit to the creator)


About mollyjeans

Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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One Response to 1/21/1994

  1. janer32 says:

    Hope you had a happy birthday! Birthdays are my favorite holidays of the year, especially mine! 🙂


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