The Week Ahead

The second week of school has just started and I’m already planning ahead, much to my own stress.

School work wise, I have a lot of reading to do, and some notes to take for said readings. I also have to transfer some notes from last week into the proper notebooks so I can have everything in one place. To be honest, I could and should have done this over the weekend, but I am a master procrastinator.

Blog wise, I watched the original Star Wars movies over the weekend and I had a few thought on them that I’m going to make a couple of posts about over the next few days. Most of them will be just reactions to certain parts of the movies and certain characters, but I will have a few posts about my own head-canons or metas.

I’m also tempted to make a few posts about things my professors say, whether I find them inspirational, thought-provoking, or just funny. I might end up postponing that a week or two, but we’ll see.

Oh, and just a heads up, I probably won’t post all that much after Thursday or Friday (unless I have to), since my boyfriend is coming up for my birthday. So be prepared for a massive amount of posting over the next few days.



About mollyjeans

Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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2 Responses to The Week Ahead

  1. TYim Duecker says:

    Hey Molly, hey Molly, hey Molly. How about a post on your cool uncle and aunt! You know the Bemidji Alums.


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