Murderous Muscles


Good God, my legs are killing me.

My new year’s resolution is to at least get in better shape than I am right now, if not have a set routine to follow. The rec offers free fitness classes up until Sunday, and two of them caught my attention: Total Body and Turbo Kick. I’ve only done Zumba when it comes to fitness classes, so I wanted to try something else. My mom and sister have done total body, so I kind of knew what that entailed, and Turbo Kick sounded a little like Zumba, so I figured, “I’m gonna try both of them. First few day of classes, they shouldn’t be too intense.”

Boy, did I prove myself wrong. To sum it up, I worked muscles that haven’t been worked probably since my freshman year in high school when I was on the volleyball team. And then I was stupid stubborn enough to still try the Turbo Kick. Short story shorter, I could barely keep up.

And now my thighs hurt so much that I can barely walk. Going up and down stairs has already proven to be risky. And today, the rest of my body started to show how much they hurt, but my legs are the loudest complainers whenever I move.

Hopefully, the ache dies down over this three day weekend


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Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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