Story Idea


This idea’s been running through my head for weeks, and I just kinda want to get this on my blog so I have it somewhere that’s a little more long lasting than paper.

The general idea is that after a world altering event (I could even say an apocalyptic one), the remaining cities and settlements are surrounded by a giant forest. People have to go out and gather supplies, such as food, medicinal herbs, building materials, etc. But if they stay out for too long, they eventually go Insane and can’t leave the Forests (I’m thinking it’ll work a little like residual radiation). Each city and settlement is surrounded by a wall known as the Fence, which is wired through/built with something that prevents Insanity as well as keeps the types of humans who live in the Forests out.

Every time I try to start developing the world, I keep getting stumped by how I should make it work or how/if it’ll work. And then I realize just how much work I’ve set up for myself by creating this whole world.

Just to visualize, here’s a list of what I need to develop:

  • Races
  • Languages (only if I’m insane enough…I probably am)
  • Countries/borders
    • Major cities and settlements
    • Government
    • Religion(s)
  • The humans who live in the Forests
  • Wildlife
  • What causes Insanity
  • How the Fences work
    • Their power source
    • What keeps the Insane out
  • Technology that’s present in the world

So basically, the whole f**king thing.

Yes, it’s a lot more than originally thought I’d do, but I’m actually really excited for this. The past few ideas I’ve come up with tend to be (kinda heavily) based on things I’ve seen. This is one of my first original ideas, so I’m going to stick with it as long as I can and see what I can make of it.



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4 Responses to Story Idea

  1. Tippy Rex says:

    I love that you use this space to work out ideas! Good on you.


  2. rmh2016 says:

    I like that your putting your ideas on your blog. This specific idea may be a lot of work but if you pull it off it’ll be amazing! You go girl.


  3. I wish you luck on your project. I know the feeling. All of those are things I usually end up working on in my own stories. It can be difficult but it’ll be so rewarding when you’ve got it all done. Or so I hear. I’ve never completed anything to that extent yet. But it should be cool to do so one day.

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