First Post!

Alright, here we are! I’ll start with a quick intro:

My name is Molly Payette, and this is my fourth year at Bemidji State. I’m a Creative and Professional Writing. Depending on how long it’ll take, I might add on something to do with education, maybe double major in English Education.  I’m 21, but my birthday is next Thursday, so that info isn’t going to matter all that much.

This blog is going to start off as a requirement for my Weblogs and Wikis class, and hopefully I’ll have the inspiration to keep this up after the class ends. I’ll talk about every thing from my favorite shows to ideas for assignments to pretty much anything that goes through my head.

Hopefully I won’t bore anybody to death.

The next couple days between all the reading I have to do for my classes is going to be spent refining my blog; setting up categories and pages making it look pretty, maintenance work basically. We’ll see how it turns out I guess.




About mollyjeans

Creative and Professional Writing Major, video gamer, nerd extraordinaire.
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