Project Writeup!!

It’s the end of the semester, which means time to look back and wrap some things up, especially with the final project. In this writeup, I’ll go over what my original plan was, how it actually went, what I wish I could have done better, what I would change if I were to do this project over again, and  what the project means to me and my writing style.  Continue reading

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Update: 4/10 – 4/17

HOly crap, finals are frying my brain. But that’s not the point here.

This past week, my first post was an example of one of the first times I used social media to get feedback on something; in this case, it was an Argument and Exposition class way back when (yes, that is the technical term). I made three other posts as well, all asking for thoughts and opinions on ideas that I’m working on. Two of them were for papers that I have coming up, and while that many people didn’t comment on it (yet), the feedback I did get is pointing me in the right direction. (I’ll add the respective screenshots to this later)

I have had a couple of people come up to me and ask how my project is going and how they think that it’s so cool that I’m using this idea for a blog. Now if only they would actually comment online….

It’s going to be a little rougher to try and get posts up this week, as it’s the last one before finals week. Continue reading

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Update: 4/3-4/9

I was able to get a few posts up on the new blog, One was a quick introduction, another was a past experience where I used social media, and the most recent was an idea that I want some feedback on.

As far as replies go, I’ve only gotten feedback on the idea for my blog, but only just because I just posted my story idea last night. So now it’s a waiting game, and in that downtime all I can do is keep posting.

I have been reaching out on Facebook asking if people would help out with this, and so far I’ve gotten positive feedback and a few promises to try to keep up. What I’ve been doing to help that out is posting the links to my new posts on Facebook, and that way my friends who don’t have as much experience on the internet can find it a little easier.

I’m realizing that I have A LOT of work to do over the  next week before our next in-class meeting, so hopefully I can at least get a few more posts up with some feedback on them.

Fingers crossed!

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New Post on the New Blog

Hey guys!

I just made a post that describes my project in a little more depth than I have before, and, while this link will link to the post, It’ll be easy to navigate to the other pages as well.


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I’m changing my project topic. The new one is how social media/networking affects my writing process, especially when it comes to my creative writing.

With the last one, I couldn’t really find any sources outside of blogs for different study methods. And I’d feel a little guilty about asking people to use their study time to help me, especially because we’re all in the same boat that’s sinking under our stress levels.

Now I have to catch up on posting, so I’ll try to post something every day.

Wish me luck!!

Update on the update: here is the link to my project blog. Check it out once I’ve got a few more posts, and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments!

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Update, 3/13

So I had a little bit of trouble working with the wikidot this week; between midterms and trying to learn wikidot on the fly, I’ve already hit some complications. Continue reading

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Update 1, 3/7

So this will be one of my shorter updates, mostly since I just started, and I had a midterm to prepare for over the weekend. But here’s what I’ve done so far:  Continue reading

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Project Proposal Is Up!

The project proposal for our last assignment is up! Hopefully all goes well and I can get a head start on it this weekend when I go home, but considering I have a midterm next Monday, I’ll probably just end up mentioning to my brother and sister that I might need their help on it.

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Project Updates

I’m making a whole new category for the weekly updates for my final project, with the tag of en3177 so it’s still (kind of) marked as class work. This way, it doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of my class work and everything’s a little less convoluted….hopefully.

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Whooo, Boy

I am going to be so f**king busy these next few weeks.  Continue reading

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